Apple Car Release Date, Specs

Apple Car - front

Is it possible to assume in which direction is moving the auto industry? The answer imposes itself by presenting Apple Car. Our future on the roads.

Apple Car Performances and Look

You can just imagine how much investment is required for the creation of an Apple Car. Lots of money, human resources and time. But perhaps even more than that to make this vehicle entered the sale. This project is actually named “Titan” and currently includes about 600 people. But eventually that number will grow with the increase in workload. Although it has very little experience in this sphere, the American IT giant believes that it can make a real revolution in the automotive market. The specific appearance is still unknown, but revolve images of individual concepts. Or assumptions, how this vehicle could look. Probably it will not appear in the next five years because of the huge and complex job. But as soon as there is smoke, there is fire.

Apple Car - exterior


On the roads in California already can be noticed the test vehicles without a driver, which attracts a lot of attention. But one of the problems is the place where Apple will produce a vehicle. It is necessary to provide good manufacturer of drive battery, which will also be the heart of this car. It has been announced a fully autonomous vehicle. This means that you will have the auto-pilot but at the same time and manual controls. Which means that the driver is able to steer the vehicle, but I will not have to. What does he want? That’s very good, because the choice is always good.

Apple Car - display

What to expect?

We should expect a futuristic vehicle with all the necessary auxiliary equipment, comfortable seats and above all magic communication system. What is the great expertise of company Apple. However, some concrete data, the company keeps in a big secret. Because when something like this occurs as a rumor by one manufacturer, it is only a matter of time, before in the race enter the second powerful car manufacturers. The largest competitors in this field, in the opinion of many, might be Japanese. They have professional people, the drive unit and the necessary capital. What came out as the rumor is that Apple made a deal with GMS organization that exploits the former military base in Concord. It is a small town about 25 miles from San Francisco. The base was abandoned in 2007. It has plenty of miles and miles of abandoned roads with functional intersections, tunnels and level crossings. This is exactly what is needed someone who tested vehicle.

Apple Car - interior

Future of the car industry

Some drivers found it hard to believe this kind of progress in the automotive industry. But in fact we are not aware of what is being prepared behind closed doors of the giant companies in the world. Probably one day we will drive cars that will hover just above the roads and cross rivers without bridges. Who knows what drivers still waiting. What surprises.

Apple Car - release date


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