2017 Toyota Supra Price and Specs

2017 Toyota Supra - front

One of the icons of Japanese motor sports certainly is 2017 Toyota Supra. Next year will be introduced the concept of the fifth generation of this model. 

2017 Toyota Supra Exterior Design, Materials and Specs

The most important information is that the new model Toyota Supra arise from cooperation between Toyota and the German car manufacturer BMW. It is based on a common platform, but will not share design. To create a body will be used lightweight technologies that include modern materials. These are generally reinforced composite materials. This is necessary because in the new world of technological advances, the auto industry is faced with enormous challenges and the growing competition.

2017 Toyota Supra - exterior

This sports car comes with altered dimensions and a very aggressive exterior design. Sports elegance is brought to perfection. On the body are visible large openings for air circulation as well as dynamic LED headlamps. The front is quite long with very functional hood and mirrors that promise excellent aerodynamics. The last part contains also a very modern lights, as well as large tailpipes. With the car coming new redesigned alloy wheels.


2017 Toyota Supra Interior Space, Equipment and Materials

The interior is like a race car. The only thing that is enhanced are equipment and materials. The sports seats have excellent ergonomics. The low center of gravity as well as the steering wheel were taken from Formula 1. On this basis, it is clear that pleasure is guaranteed. The side pillars are placed so that visibility in curves from the cabin is unobstructed. The steering is much improved as well as a complete overview of the keys and functions.

2017 Toyota Supra - interior 1

The entire panel behind the steering wheel is very modern and all information is easily accessible to the driver. The interior is very comfortable with the use of rich equipment. It is mostly made of aluminum and carbon fiber. The seats are likely to be covered with quality leather with the possibility of electronic adjustment. From other equipment we should expect a good audio player, air conditioning, security features, many communication options and a lot more.

2017 Toyota Supra - interior

2017 Toyota Supra Engine Options, Transmission and Power

Under the hood we should expect strong enough and functional engine. The first option is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with an output of 240 hp and torque of 330 lb / ft. As a second option mentioned a powerful 6 cylinder turbo engine that will develop the power of about 335 hp and torque of about 330 lb / ft. From the cooperation with the company BMW should appear hybrid model. One will be equipped with an electric motor, while the total power is estimated at about 420 hp. With regular gasoline engines will be housed a 6-speed manual transmission, while the hybrid model will be connected to 8 speed or 10 speed automatic transmission.


Release Date and Price for 2017 Toyota Supra

Presentation of the Toyota Supra was announced for next year, but it is not known exactly when. It is possible that this will happen already in January at the Detroit Auto Show. It remains only to wait and see. Price is still a big question mark. However, according to experts the basic model could cost about $ 55,000. As the main competitors will appear: Acura NSX, BMW Z5, Ford Mustang GT350 and Subaru BRZ.

2017 Toyota Supra - release date

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