2017 Ford Expedition Redesign

2017 Ford Expedition  - front

American drivers have always had a great interest in large cars. That is the SUV in full size. The market will show a new model 2017 Ford Expedition.

2017 Ford Expedition Exterior Design and Line

The original model Expedition debuted in 1997 and was based on the model F-150. There was a great success in the market so that producers continued to operate. Comes the fourth generation, modern and prepared for these times. Delivers updated revolutionary design and technological advances. The biggest change is visible from the front. Large LED taillights have been redesigned and very attractive. The chrome front grille and bumper are modified and ideal integrated with the rest of the exterior. Were installed and LED fog lights.

2017 Ford Expedition - exterior

The last part has not changed too much, but it is updated. Maintains cubic form with a fine chrome strip in the middle. The body is strengthened and assembled from functional materials to decrease the weight of the vehicle. Contains five-door and roof rack on the upper part. Improved aerodynamics with the establishment of functional lines and structures. Rear light units have been enhanced as well as the exhaust system. With the new 2017 Ford Expedition come and redesigned alloy wheels in size from 22 inches.


2017 Ford Expedition Interior Design

Interior of Ford Expedition offers a better and more modern materials and equipment. The cabin is more comfortable with a better distribution of additives and compartments for storing smaller items. The main component of the entire infotainment system is Sync MyFord Touch system, by which manages the complete vehicle electronics. It is connected to a large screen in the middle of the cockpit. Enough is viewed and provides all necessary information in a very functional way. Similarly designed is control panel behind the wheel.

2017 Ford Expedition - interior 1

Fine LED light that does not bother the eyes of the driver. For an excellent musical atmosphere probably will be in charge of Sony audio high power device which is connected to at least ten speakers. Air conditioning is just below the screen. All shared one compact control board with as many keys as really necessary. Neither too much nor too little. Easy to manage and without major complications. The seats are upholstered with the best materials and are very comfortable, even for long journeys.

2017 Ford Expedition - interior

2017 Ford Expedition Engine Options

For now it is known that under the hood of the Ford Expedition will be located 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo engine. It has an output of 365 hp and torque of 420 lb / ft. The power will be deployed using a 6 speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels. The new AWD system is also loaded and will contribute to a better fuel economy. Ford Expedition will have a fuel consumption of 16 mpg around town and 21 mpg on the highway. With this engine and an electric motor is announced, and the presentation of a hybrid Ford Expedition.

2017 Ford Expedition - engine

Release Date and Price for 2017 Ford Expedition

The first screening of the Ford Expedition is likely to happen in an exhibition of cars in America. Because, there, such a car is very popular. It might appear at the end of next year in front of the public eye. Price is still controversial and is likely to range from $ 42,000 up to $ 60,000. It will mainly depend on the equipment and model options. As the main competitors will appear Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Suburban, Nissan Armada and Toyota Sequoia.

2017 Ford Expedition - release date

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