2017 Chrysler Town & Country Review

2017 Chrysler Town & Country - front

Chrysler was the first company that came up with the idea of producing a minivan vehicle. Now will arise and new generation, 2017 Chrysler Town & Country.

2017 Chrysler Town & Country Exterior Design

Although, Town & Country is a family car a new look is very modern and attractive. Seems a lot of sports, with all the necessary details. Aesthetic changes will certainly be. With a modified grille are present attractive LED lights. Sharp corners are present on all the decorations, while rounded lines are totally different from those we used to see in this model. The lower part contains a specially designed fog lights, with the necessary chrome inserts.

2017 Chrysler Town & Country - exterior

The bumpers have also been redesigned and the rear light clusters. Long vehicle contains two doors on both sides, but the front door is independent of the rear. Doors relating to the rear of the cabin opens differently than usual and it’s a big change. Provide a large space for entering passengers. Also, the second and third row of windows are separate from the first. Large windshield has been extended slightly to the roof, while the new line provides excellent aerodynamics. With the new Chrysler Town & Country are coming and the new redesigned wheels.


2017 Chrysler Town & Country Interior Design

The interior will also get a new form. With the new improved materials and equipment, it will be the right place to enjoy the ride. All keys are in the right place, even though it seems that something is missing. But everything is still there with the addition of some systems. Only management is simplified. Behind the wheel is a large multimedia screen that provides all the necessary information about the current state of the vehicle and functions. Beautifully illuminated and viewed from the position of the driver. In the central part of the infotainment center is a single screen and control part for the air conditioner. The climate is divided into two zones, and the front and rear of the cabin can be heated or cooled independently.

2017 Chrysler Town & Country - interior 1

It is provided a lot of storage space for small items. Something like that is quite important for a minivan that can accommodate 7 – 8 passengers. On the seat backrests, the back side is embedded screen that plays all the passengers what they want via DVD player and Mp3 player. Provided the connection to the Internet, navigation, connecting external devices, voice commands, hands-free calling and much more. The seats are very comfortable, even on long journeys. Coated with fine quality materials with the addition of heaters and special channels for ventilation.

2017 Chrysler Town & Country - interior

2017 Chrysler Town & Country Engine Options

This minivan has always been equipped with a powerful and reliable engines. Power is essential due to the weight and size. Especially when it is loaded with the passengers and luggage. According to unofficial information, it will be a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine or possibly a new 3.2-liter engine. The company has not made a formal decision. Engines will work with a 9-speed automatic transmission. There is a plan to produce a hybrid model of the Chrysler Town & Country. It should be equipped with AWD system with an electric motor. The drive should be transferred to the rear wheels.

2017 Chrysler Town & Country - engine

Release Date and Price for 2017 Chrysler Town & Country

2017 Chrysler Town & Country should be presented in January at the North American International Auto Show, which runs from 11 to 24. Many are impatient to see for the first time this long-awaited MVP. Price is yet to be discovered, but probably will be in the range of $ 26,000 up to $ 40,000. Everything will depend on the equipment. As the main competitors will appear Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona, Mazda 5, Nissan Quest and Dodge Grand Caravan.

2017 Chrysler Town & Country - release date

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