2016 Scion tC release date and price

2016 Scion tC - front

2016 Scion tC is a car that is produced from the Toyota company for the US market.Sports coupe will enter the race for drivers with more modern appearance.

What is the release date for the 2016 Scion tC?

Although it is planned for next year it may happen that Scion tC comes out in 2017 year.In the meantime, will surely be represented in individual exhibitions in the world.That is where it is sold.

2016 Scion tC - release date

The modern exterior design of the 2016 Scion tC

Scion tC will appear as youthful redesigned car.It is intended primarily for the younger population of drivers.It has an aggressive appearance that totally fits.Exterior will certainly involve a variety of changes.In order to fit the demands of today’s modern driver.Large front bumper includes powerful grid in the lower part.It is set in the form of a honeycomb little larger than usual and looks fantastic.But this is not the final decision of the factory.There may be changes in the form of horizontally placed fins.Headlights will certainly be quite dynamic with quality lights.Body will include a three-door and mirrors with integrated indicator signals.On the rear side is an essential detail, the spoiler on the door of the trunk.As befits any sports model.The lights are irregular rectangle shape.Bumper is quite massive but also fashionable.On the left side is plated chrome exhaust pipe.With this Scion model will be combined the different alloy wheels but all equally attractive.

2016 Scion tC - exterior design

What is the interior of the 2016 Scion tC?

The interior of the tC will be fairly simple and not too expensive.But in spite of that will contain all the necessary functions and details.The seats are soft enough to provide a comfortable ride.Coated with high quality materials.Be sure that the entire area will be completely redesigned.On the list of equipment would be more modern options and systems without which it is difficult to imagine a car.The cockpit is designed smartly with light usage.Includes touch screen display on the center.It is equipped with a new audio device, navigation, connectivity smart devices and so on.The existence of a bluetooth connection provides the use of voice pieces as well as hands-free calling.Some control commands are mounted on the steering wheel.The driver is positioned in a great location and visibility of the control panel is good.May not belong to the high class but provides a lot to its boss.

2016 Scion tC - interior

What engine will run 2016 Scion tC?

Scion tC will be equipped with a good engine.One that will evoke the ability of car in the right light.At the disposal will be a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine.Will develop strength of about 180HP.The car will get a new 6-speed automatic transmission.This is somewhat advanced as compared to the current model.

2016 Scion tC - engine

What is the price for the 2016 Scion tC?

Concrete price for the tC is not yet formed.It is assumed that the basic model will cost around 20,000$.

2016 Scion tC - price

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