2016 Nissan Leaf Review

2016 Nissan Leaf - front

Unique model 2016 Nissan Leaf will show the whole world it’s abilities. It is includes in four markets and the company hopes many drivers. Very nice car.

2016 Nissan Leaf – Exterior Design and Spec

2016 Nissan Leaf is the first car in the world that produces no harmful emissions. To develop this model has been invested a lot of research and work. But the Japanese company has come to the finish line. Created a modern electric car. Appealing to a wide range of drivers. Suitable for city driving and street crowds. The name itself is reminiscent of nature and green environment. Nissan Leaf gets a new chassis and new bodywork. It is medium in size and is very easy to manage. The front part is designed sharply with the central part of the V-shaped below which is part of the charging. Bevelled LED headlights are specially designed to save energy and affect the excellent aerodynamics. On the back can be seen long LED lights that are mounted vertically. From the roof is lowered down.

The last part of the 2016 Nissan Leaf is a bit more rounded with massive bumpers and roof spoiler. Also, this section contains and lights. Body contains four doors and two rows of windows. The door locks are chrome, but it is not all the interesting details. Particularly noteworthy is the one. Nissan Leaf is coated with a special paint that glows in the dark. To clarify. This color during the day absorbs ultraviolet radiation, so the car is illuminated at night up to 10 hours. The color is made from organic materials and labor fluorescent components. Unique specifically because it is impossible to buy if you do not become the owner of the model Nissan Leaf.

2016 Nissan Leaf - exterior design

2016 Nissan Leaf – Security Features

2016 Nissan Leaf participated in numerous security checks. It proved to be fantastic. At the crash test program of the European NCAP has received the highest rating in its class. It is the first electric vehicle that has achieved such a result. It also won the high score on the test pedestrian protection due to a low front end. Engineers can certainly be proud of their work.

2016 Nissan Leaf - safety features

2016 Nissan Leaf – Interior design and Equipment

2016 Nissan Leaf has a redesigned interior space. It can accommodate five passengers. Comfort is commendable with soft seats and high quality equipment. Seats are upholstered in high quality soft materials. They are equipped with heaters. Front and rear. The designers use only the best materials and the cabin is very modern. Everything is set up very simple but at the same time and functionally. There are inserted many entertainment systems and security. Electric power steering is equipped with a device so it is very functional and management is in the toughest conditions. The driver is positioned a little higher but it means that the visibility is perfect. From equipment Nissan Leaf has air conditioning, an audio system with MP3 player, satellite navigation, communication allowances etc. Two screens are located in the cab. One in the middle of the table that is associated with all of these features, as well as the one behind the wheel, which displays the vital parts of the car. First of all, the level of electricity that is left for the ride. Through a mobile phone can be set automatically charging the and start the air conditioner. Nissan Leaf it can truly become your best friend.

2016 Nissan Leaf - interior

2016 Nissan Leaf – Engine and Functionality

Since the 2016 Nissan Leaf is electric car, means that it is equipped with an electric motor and modern battery. But the features are amazing. Most importantly, the new battery with the new technology. Will affect the autonomy of the vehicle which is completely phenomenal. It could be laminar lithium ion battery with a capacity of about 90kW. It is connected with an electric motor so the result should be a power of 110 HP and 270 Nm of torque. If the ride is switched to Eco mode reduces power to 70 HP. Is announced yet another powerful engine but still do not know which engine is concerned. But it is known to have a power of 180 HP and Nissan Leaf will be able to cross a distance of about 185 miles on pure electricity.

2016 Nissan Leaf - engine

Release date and price for the 2016 Nissan Leaf

2016 Nissan Leaf is a high quality electric midsize car. It’s got a very good sale around the world. Or Leaf’s best selling electric car in the world. So the expectations for the new model are big. Sales will begin before the arrival of the year 2016. But the exact date is still unknown. Price will be in the range of $ 30,000 to $ 36000. As competitors emphasize the Ford C-Max, Chevrolet Volt and Tesla models.

2016 Nissan Leaf - release date and price

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