2016 Land Rover Defender redesign

2016 Land Rover Defender - front

2016 Land Rover Defender belongs to the class of the finest off-road cars in the world.The British company produces it from 1983 year.And with much success.

What is the release date of the 2016 Land Rover Defender?

According to company announcements production should begin in early 2016 year.Sales could begin in early summer of the same year.Ii was announced quite a spectacle when it comes to this model.

2016 Land Rover Defender - release date

What is the exterior design of 2016 Land Rover Defender?

Changes to the exterior should delight all lovers of off-road vehicles.Progress will be visible as well as improving quality.It will be much more sophisticated and modern.The use of aluminum in the construction of the chassis will cause the lighter but stronger body.It will overcome the current ability.The front massive part will contain a round LED lights and LED fog lights.Each part is a little more rounder than before with innovative parts.It is possible version with three or four door,but also pickup model.But this informations are not yet confirmed from the manufacturer.Mirrors are great and provide excellent visibility.On the back is placed a spare wheel that is covered with protection.The tail lights should also be round.On the roof is a roof spoiler.The rear bumper is sturdy and resistant to all impacts.On both sides are built connectors for towing.With this model will be mounted very attractive alloy wheels.Thus concluded difficult to encounter insuperable obstacle.

2016 Land Rover Defender - exterior design

Modern interior of the new 2016 Land Rover Defender

The interior layout is not yet finalized.The passenger compartment is defined as the monocoque passenger shell with improved technology.Sophistication and comfort are at a high level.Comfortable seats are required for driving the bumpy terrain.Cabin should accommodate a maximum of five passengers.Most attention was devoted to security.Inserted a lot of systems that will ensure safe handling of the vehicle.Certainly that will not fail other parts of the technological composition.This refers to communication as well as the audio system.But we should expect only the best encryption.

2016 Land Rover Defender - interior

What engine will run 2016 Land Rover Defender?

As announced engine will be better than ever.Powerful, reliable and will suffer all driving conditions.Exactly what is needed for an off-road vehicle.It is produced as part of Ingenium series of engines.It should be a V6 engine with 4 cylinders.The offer will include a petrol or diesel motor.Power will be transmitted to all wheels through 8 speed and 9 speed automatic transmission.

2016 Land Rover Defender - engine

What is the price for the 2016 Land Rover Defender?

Price surely will not be the same as the price of the current model.It will be more expensive but how much is still not published.According to rumors it could reach the figure of 60.000$.

2016 Land Rover Defender - price

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