2016 Honda Civic release date

2016 Honda Civic - front

2016 Honda Civic is a compact urban car with a better appearance as the years pass.Attractive vehicle for every driver who wants to be noticed on the road.

Release date of the 2016 Honda Civic

Waiting is always the biggest enemy of impatient.But in most cases the wait is worth it.The exact date has not yet been released from Japanese company Honda.But there are indications that this might happen over the next year.For lovers of good cars it is recommended to try to visit a larger exhibition of cars in America.Or possibly an exhibition in Tokyo which should start these days.

2016 Honda Civic - release date

The fascinating information about exterior of the 2016 Honda Civic

Honda Civic is a small family car but in every sense the attractive and dangerous.Can be proud with one of the best chassis on the car market.Boasts one of the best chassis on the market.This means that it will not suffer any major changes in appearance.It remains agile, nimble and very springy in ride like any Japanese.It is not said without reason that every car resembles to its owner.It is not revealed too much information but the plan is an attack on the very top of the competition.On both sides are planned modern high quality LED light.The bumpers have been redesigned and formed in accordance with lights.There will not miss the LED fog lights as well as functional spoiler on the back.Body should contain four doors.Alloy wheels will receive an attractive appearance and will be available in sizes from 15 to 17 inches.The information are not extensive but enough to excite the imagination.

2016 Honda Civic - exterior

Urban interior design of the 2016 Honda Civic

How important is how the car looks from the inside?Well for some it is crucial to purchase.2016 Honda Civic just might meet expectations relating to comfort and good equipment.Engineers have tried to provide comfortable seats, quality materials and all necessary systems.Everything is functional and in place.It is provided enough storage space for smaller luggage and gadgets.In most management will be done via the central touch screen display.What will inspire is a new navigation satellite system as well as Premium audio system with great potential.Panoramic roof will further provide a sense of satisfaction to all passengers which will feel safe with all the security features.Aesthetics has always been at a high level so it will definitely be this way.

Which engine will run 2016 Honda Civic?

The engine range will be, under some announcements, expanded.

On the list will be found:

The first one is: 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine, has an output of 143 HP, torque of 129 lb / ft, automatic transmission, consumption: 28 mpg city, 36 mpg highway.

The second engine is: 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine, has an output of 250 HP.

The third motor is: 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine, has an output of 205 HP, torque of 174 lb / ft, 6 speed manual transmission, consumption: 21 mpg city, 31 mpg highway.

2016 Honda Civic - engine

Price for 2016 Honda Civic

Japanese cars have never been cheaper.But they did not belong to the class of the most expensive cars.However Honda models always meet all expectations.It is still early to determine the correct price for the new Civic, but it can always be assumed.The price should be in the range from 24,000$ to 30,000$.

2016 Honda Civic - price

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