2016 Dodge Ram specification

2016 Dodge Ram - front

2016 Dodge Ram is a large pickup. Just as Americans love. More precisely it is half pick-up anh half truck. It is very stylish and attractive, irresistible.

External features of the 2016 Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram has always belonged to the group of the true giants in their class. Massive, long and very functional. These are all features that can be recognized. Length varies between 196 inches and 295 inches. This means that it is even longer than some long vans. Facilitating of the Ram was achieved with abundant use of aluminum in construction. From this material is designed bonnet, front bumper and parts of the management system. It is based air suspension and is provided balance between maximum performance and aerodynamics. Suspension system adjusts automatically. Height can be adjusted remotely as always transmits different weight of cargo. Clearance of the 2016 Dodge Ram is phenomenal and is one of the best truck in its class. The layout has been redesigned with a lot of improvements. Body will include four doors and a large trailer capable to withstand the most severe burden. The front part is marked with a large chrome mask and refreshed headlights that are equipped with LED technology. All together it seems very powerful. Both bumpers are chrome as well as the details on the body. Like moldings on the doors, parts of mirrors, door locks and so on. All the glass on the 2016 Dodge Ram can optionally be tinted. The rear lights have also been given a new look. Are positioned vertically and equipped with quality lighting. On either side is built one chrome exhaust pipe. Of course with the updating of external appearance, a new design gets also the wheels. In this way the whole picture  of Dodge Ram works fantastic and very powerful and strong.

2016 Dodge Ram - exterior design

2016 Dodge Ram – internal features

The American way of life is depicted through the interior appearance of 2016 Dodge Ram. Sumptuous space and equipment is exactly what characterizes each Ram. The seats are upholstered in high quality leather, and there is enough space for comfortable accommodation for five passengers. Since the materials are selected only the best. Every detail of the cabin is beautified. With quality and modern equipment cabin of the Dodge Ram is brought to perfection. For a comfortable temperature is in charge of automatic air conditioning. The sound is played through functional music system. It is connected with six speakers and audio experience is unreal. Complete management is provided via the touch screen display. It has a size of 8.3 inches and is located on the mid cockpit. On both sides there is an opening for ventilation. Among other pieces of equipment there is a USB port, internet options, bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling, voice commands and so on. Everything inside the cab is adjustable electronically. In the US market Dodge Ram will be equipped with SOS button in the cab. In the event of an accident the driver is able to contact the rescue service with just one click. The interior is equipped with several 12 volt socket, as well as space in the trailer. Do not forget to mention the navigation system of the new generation. The interior space is quite good soundproof. In this way the external noise will not affect the enjoyment of the cabin. All those who have the need for this type of vehicle, certainly dream to become owners of a 2016 Dodge Ram.

2016 Dodge Ram - interior

Prepared engines for 2016 Dodge Ram

Not yet rated definite decision, which engine will be found under the hood of a 2016 Dodge Ram. The first should be represented 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. It will produce an output of 240HP and peak torque of 420 lb / ft. As a second option will appear 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine with an output of 600HP. It is really impressive power. So in this way provides and excellent capability of the vehicle. What should be improved is the economy of consumption. With all engines will be represented 8-speed automatic transmission. The drive on the Dodge Ram will run all four wheels.

2016 Dodge Ram - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Dodge Ram?

Exhibition of cars in America can not be imagined without the new model Dodge Ram. On the market could appear by the end of this year. It is known for its quality and durability.

The main competitor is the Toyota Tundra http://www.2015-2016newcars.com/2015-toyota-tundra-release-date-price/ .

 Price should not be drastically changed compared to the current model. Depending on the version of the truck and equipment, the price for the 2016 Dodge ram will range between $ 25,000 And $ 50,000.

2016 Dodge Ram - release date and price

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