2016 BMW M8 release date

2016 BMW M8 - front

All stories about super car 2016 BMW M8 already raised enough dust.Of course when it comes to a direct competitor to Ferrari.Will it become a reality?

2016 BMW M8 exterior design

2016 BMW M8 is a fantastic racing car.Appearance and performances are bordering with the surreal.Indeed, there are few cars in the world that can compete with this beast.Besides having a sports line it is quite aggressive and luxurious.It is made of aluminum and carbon fiber.Of materials that are lightweight but stiff and meet the requirements of fast driving.BMW is set on BMW ‘s i8 eco sport platform.It has a very sharp appearance and demeanor.Aerodynamics is a different story, because it simply cuts the air in front.It is positioned very low in relation to road, but it makes it more stable.The front part has a distinctive grille, which consists of two parts.Framed by a chrome garnish.The headlights are equipped with new laser technology.They are very narrow but it does not affect the quality of lighting.Large air vents are located in the lower part and at the door.Body has the racing line with two doors.On the back, the only detail that can not be omitted is functional spoiler.The roof line is somehow abandoned until the end of the car.The lights are harsh and aggressive.The exhaust system is expected sports.Set the double pipes on both sides of the M8.With the vehicle will be placed new redesigned alloy wheels.

2016 BMW M8 - exterior design

2016 BMW M8 interior design

The interior is very luxurious but above all sports.Is intended to accommodate a maximum of two passengers.The seats are upholstered in leather and have high quality athletic shape.Based on this aggressive and brisk ride will not be a problem for travelers.Simply put, the seat will not allow passengers tumbling.The look is very futuristic with a lot of sophisticated decoration.A large part is made of carbon fiber.The central part will be equipped with all necessary technological additions.But some accurate information company BMW has not yet been released to the public.We can assume that it will be present climate, good audio device, great opportunities for communication, Internet and so on.It will certainly be represented a lot of security functions and commands for control at different modes of drive.

2016 BMW M8 - interior

2016 BMW M8 powertrain

Only a strong and reliable engine could have the honor and be placed under the hood of the BMW M8.It is a real pleasure to hear the buzzing sound of this engine.It could be a 4.4-liter V8 twin turbo engine.It is made of aluminum and titanium.It will be able to produce an output of 600HP and stunning acceleration.Exact economy consumption is not known.The engine will be combined with the 8 speed automatic transmission.

2016 BMW M8 - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 BMW M8?

After many years BMW M8 should appear in the next year.Surely it will not cost a little.But there are always buyers and for expensive cars.M8 could cost about $ 200,000.

2016 BMW M8 - release date and price

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