2016 BMW 5 new design

2016 BMW 5 - front

Bavarian company is preparing a new icon of all models.It is an extravagant sedan 2016 BMW 5.Practically invincible among the competition for its quality.

Exterior design for the 2016 BMW 5

BMW 5 is always one step ahead of everyone.The design is still distinctive and irreplaceable.But reliability is what is never called into question.The new model will be able to maintain its charm.It remains out of reach.It has a timeless elegance.As such it gets features: exclusive, comfortable and aggressive.This time will be present little more sporty character.The most significant change could be a new platform.Will reduce the weight of the car and improve stability.Major role in the whole story certainly gets the use of lighter and higher quality materials in construction.BMW 5 could be around 220 pound lighter.Strong fenders provide the impression of width.View of the profile can be observed more slanted roofline and straighter rear window.There is obtained a conclusion about a better aerodynamics.The striking front end includes a two-piece mask and new LED lights that stand out the entire car.The hood is extended and gets better form.The rear lights have been redesigned, with L-shaped and perfectly integrated into the bumper design.With both lower side is set one square exhaust pipe.

2016 BMW 5 - exterior design

Interior design for the 2016 BMW 5

The interior looks of the 2016 BMW 5 is unique.The cabin is made of quality materials.Everything is set to the right places at the service of driver.The surfaces are very harmonic and elegant.The spaciousness is represented in the front and in the rear.The modern design and equipment will qualify this limousine among the best in the world.Head-Up Display is a great thing for every driver.All the information is right in front of the eyes.The light is legant and pleasant.Shining just on the right places.Represented is plenty of room for storage of smaller items.The instrument panel is multifunctional.This means that it contains all the new technological accessories and options.There is a new generation navigation system which is connected with the screen in the middle of the cockpit.For audio enjoyment will take care of Bang & Olufsen surround sound system with 16 speakers incredible.Behind the wheel was designed panel in size of 10.2 inches with a visual representation of the current state of the vehicle.In addition to the above BMW 5 has to offer a lot more.

2016 BMW 5 - interior

The drive unit planned for 2016 BMW 5

Several different engines will include an offer for BMW 5.The basic model will be equipped with highly efficient engine with excellent fuel economy.It is a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine with turbo chargers.It can produce 180HP and torque of 200lb / ft.Then there is the 2.0 liter 6 cylinder petrol engine with an output of 350HP and torque of 340lb / ft.The most powerful and most expensive version will include a V8 engine.Will be able to produce a force of about 600HP.All motors should be connected to the Start-Stop function.With all engines, eight-speed automatic transmission should do a great job.

2016 BMW 5 - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 BMW 5?

At the Auto Show in Detroit BMW 5 was shown as a concept.Will it all be in production as shown or will happen some changes we need to wait and see.In any case, the car should go on sale in mid-2016.

2016 BMW 5 - release date and price

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