2015 Rolls Royce Ghost price

2015 Rolls Royce Ghost - front


2015 Rolls Royce Ghost represent the large luxury sedan.Produced under different labels from 1905.This is the second generation with the name Ghost.

What is the release date for of the 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost?

2015 Rolls Royce Ghost as one of the proud model of the British car industry appeared on car shows Geneva and New York.At first glance breathtaking.When exactly will go on sale will be announced later this year.

2015 Rolls Royce Ghost - release date

What is the design of the 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost?

The new Ghost will certainly remain among prestige vehicles.The high level of luxury and comfort, well describes this car.Will suffer some changes in appearance that will include the modernization of external look.Body will be produced in a whopping 90 different colors of high quality.The car is 212.6 inches long, 76.7 inches wide and 61 inch high.Weight is estimated to be about 2500 kg.Very graceful front part contains a large rectangular chrome mask in high gloss.Embedded in the plane with a long hood and on the top carries a recognizable figure with the name Spirit of Ecstasy.On the side are set in very nice style, headlamps with LED lighting.Side doors open facing each other so that receives a large input space.Windows are framed by chrome moldings.At the doors are a huge opening handle.On the back side you can notice a massive bumper and high quality LED lights.On both lower sides is placed for one rectangular chrome exhaust pipe.Alloy wheels have been redesigned and will be in sizes of 19 to 21 inch.

2015 Rolls Royce Ghost - design

What is the interior of the 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost?

The internal layout of the new Ghost is difficult to describe in words and not overdo it.Pure luxury and high quality materials and equipment are what characterizes this vehicle.The seats are very comfortable and upholstered in premium leather.Lumbar backrest is adjustable as well as height.They are also equipped with heaters.Armrests at the same time are the partitions for storing little things.The center console is very elegant and well-planned.Sheathed in wood and on top with the lether.In front of the driver’s eyes set round analog speedometer and rpm meter in white color.Everything is so simple and looks great.The steering wheel has a big circle in the middle and around the required keys.That part of the cabin is equipped with cruise control, hands-free calling, remote trunk opening, clock, compass, control audio devices, etc.In the middle of the console is built in the display of 10.25 inches that may be closed if not in use.Through it controlled air-conditioning, audio system with 16 speakers, satellite radio, USB port, radio data system, input to connect other media, etc.The rear of the cabin has a screen in the back of both front seats and multi-function console in the middle of the back seat.Real benefit for people who perform most of the work in the car.

2015 Rolls Royce Ghost - interior

What is the engine in the 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost?

Under the hood of Rolls Royce Ghost will be a real monster ready for the most distant destinations.Its performance in any way ensures the safety of all passengers.It is a 6.6-liter V12 twin-turbo engine with 48 valves.It has an output of 563HP and torque of 575lb/ft.Really fascinating figures.The engine is paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission while the drive is mounted on the front wheels.All four wheels has an independent suspension.Should exceed 13 miles in the city and 21 miles on the highway with a single gallon of fuel.It has built-in fuel tank of 21.8 gallons.

2015 Rolls Royce Ghost - engine

What is the price for the 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost?

To become an owner of such a car, you must have really deep pockets.But this class of car has its loyal customers.To enter this team will need to count even 280.000$ for the basic model.

2015 Rolls Royce Ghost - price

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