2015 Honda S2000 specs and price

2015 Honda S2000 - front

Attractive model of Japanese companie, 2015 Honda S2000 for the first time appeared in 1995. Successfully continues the long tradition of good roadster car.

What is the release date of 2015 Honda S2000?

It is assumed that this vehiclw could soon become a regular participant in the world’s biggest auto show events. Certainly the new model should be interested in many of its innovations. First of all, those who have not yet tried out the roaster vehicles. Unknown is the exact layout of the public display.

2015 Honda S2000 - release date

What is the design of 2015 Honda S2000?

Most attention in the design is pointed to the weight.Reducing weight will affect the consumption and because of that aluminum is present.The front grille design is known, and very energetic headlights are inserted. It will be equipped with LED daytime running lights.How looks the rear part of the Honda S2000? The rear part should be redesigned. Expected are changes in the trunk and light-signaling. In any case, a complete line gets a futuristic look  and that is still very popular. Fans of Japanese vehicles can expect a stylish two-seater with an attractive appearance.

2015 Honda S2000 - design

What is the interior in 2015 Honda S2000?

S2000 has a modern cabin with plenty of functional additives. As mentioned there is placed one row of seats. Vehicle can only carry up two passengers. The seats are upholstered in leather.And the aspect of color design is perfectly integrated. Black and red colors merged perfectly with the chrome parts. What of the equipment is in the cabin ? Since the equipment will certainly find a lot of functions related to entertainment but also for safety. Every driver expects a good audio system, navigation, ABS, various electronic toys and so on. There is only hope and anticipation, because there is no concrete information.

2015 Honda S2000 - interior

What is the engine in the 2015 Honda S2000?

Engine options under the hood of 2015 Honda S2000 are as follows. There are rumors of a hybrid model that is sure to be powered by an electric motor. But all this is just a story and nothing is still sure. Japanese cars have always adorned the good high performance engines.So it should be this way. It is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.This machine should provide a maximum output of 160HP and peak torque of 150lb/ft. With this constitution and this engine,from 0-60 mph should arrive in just 6 seconds.Which is a great time. But to all of this contributes a 6-speed automatic CVT transmission.

2015 Honda S2000 - engine

How much is the 2015 Honda S2000?

The price of model S2000 is still unknown to the public. Predictions are different but the truth is only one. But what are the most common assumptions? The basic model could cost around $ 35,000. Depending on the trim level price would increase to 38,000$, which is not such a big difference.

2015 Honda S2000 - price


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  1. Mark Graham says:

    I hope this is a joke. If this is manufactured and given the ‘s2000’ brand then I’m selling my s2000 and never buying another Honda.

  2. Mark says:

    This better be a joke or I’ll sell my si and s2000 and never buy a Honda again.. Srs

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