2015 BMW 7 review and release date

2015 BMW 7 - front


2015 BMW 7 is a very large sedan belonging to high class cars.One of the most prestigious models from a wide range of the German manufacturer BMW.


What is the release date of the 2015 BMW 7?

2015 BMW 7 for the first time will be shown to the public later this year.The event should occur at the Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.Certainly, it is widely expected impatiently.

2015 BMW 7 - release date

What is the design of the 2015 BMW 7?

2015 BMW 7 will certainly represent high elegance and modern style.The design is not much changed from the previous model.Displacement of the car will be reduced by using lighter materials in the production.Aerodynamics has been reduced to a perfection and all it helps to lower fuel consumption.In the combination are the high-quality steel, aluminum, and carbon fibers.With all altered and improvements should be weight 1670kg.The look is very aggressive and strong with exclusive details.The front cover is recognizable composed of two parts.The hood is quite long and displays this fantastic limo in the right light.Additional dynamics provides a beautifully designed new headlights.They are characterized with the inner circular form of light.Circles are duplicated in both headlight and provide daylight, dipped and main beam, but in the three-dimensional rings.These are adaptive LED headlights that automatically turn in the direction of the road.On the body are visible stylish chrome details.Built around the entire length of the window, the lights,on the front bumper and on the rear part. Mirrors are also undergone minor changes, but for the better.Impact on improved aerodynamics and on it are indicators of the direction.Great progress is displayed in the new exterior colors.Three packages will include a lot of color.They are Glacier Silver, Midnight Blue and Havanna.With the car are combined very nice wheels from lightweight aluminum alloy.Can choose from 18 or 19 inches.

2015 BMW 7 - design



What is the interior of the 2015 BMW 7?

The complete cabin of the BMW 7 with all the details can be described as the height of luxury and comfort. The space is big enough for five people who will enjoy every second of the ride.The materials are high quality and contribute that the interior looks very exclusive.The seats are comfortable and upholstered in leather and some other parts of the cabin.All this looks extra good by inserting details of wood and aluminum.The whole area is most adapted to the driver but passengers in the back were not neglected.On the instrument panel is located the functional display with many options.COMFORT mode provides a very pleasant ride without jolting.Equipment provides a great option.In the middle of the cabin is located touch screen display with iDrive control.Through it, you can control almost all the additional features of the BMW 7 and thereby have a visual inspection.Of course part of this car is also the navigation, camera, great audio system with the connection of many devices, telephone and so on.Security features are at the highest level and every driver can feel very safe.When we examine all the BMW 7 offers many opportunities to those who decide to be its owner.

2015 BMW 7 - interior

What is the engine of the 2015 BMW 7?

New model BMW 7 will use more power as a solution to its perfection.One of them is the BMW TwinTurbo 6 cylinder engine with an output of 258hp.If additional put turbocharger the poewer increases up to 320HP.8 cylinder TwinTurbo additionally provides 450HP.It is equipped with a turbo charger TwinScroll,excellent exhaust system and precise fuel injection.From 0 to 60mph reached in just 4.8 seconds.And diesel engines are fitted with TwinTurbo technology with excellent performance.Inline 6-cylinder engine is very economical.Common rail direct injection system provides a fuel consumption of just 5.6L of fuel per 60 miles.Included is M Performance TwinPower Turbo engine with six cylinders in a line.This is truly the height of luxury in terms of power.Can produce a power output of 381HP and an incredible torque of 720lb/ft.Fuel consumption is estimated at just 6.4L to 60 mph.

2015 BMW 7 - engine


What is the price of the 2015 BMW 7?

The price certainly can not be too small.But considering what provides such a car is not too high.The basic model should cost around 71.000$ up to 137.000$.

2015 BMW 7 - price

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