2015 Audi S4 changes and release date

2015 Audi S4 - front


2015 Audi S4 is a sports sedan with a solid reputation.The mother house is from Germany since 1991.It is very compact and of excellent quality.


What is the release date of the 2015 Audi S4?

When the Audi S4 can be found in traffic is not known exactly.Certainly, potential buyers will be able to see it at some auto shows but is still unknown in which.

2015 Audi S4 - release date

What is the redesign of the 2015 Audi S4?

Outward appearance of the S4 is made of quality materials that will reduce vehicle weight.Aerodynamics will certainly prove to be excellent.Redesign and new refreshed line achieved a great deal in this regard.At first glance, the car looks aggressive and very serious.Just as we used to see German cars.Large grid is still present on the front.It is well fitted with LED headlights that looks nice.Lighting is at the top level in the form of lightening strip.The windows are framed with chrome moldings.On the back side can also expect high-quality lighting that provides excellent visibility.The exhaust system may be a two-or one pipe on either side.Depends on what you want.Pipes are chrome and show strength.

2015 Audi S4 - design

What is the interior of the 2015 Audi S4?

The cabin is very modern and done mostly in the sports style.Leather seats provide extra experience of adventure as well as materials used in the production.Mainly represented by black and red interior, but of course, other combinations of colors are also there.Most of the details and features are maximally adapted to the driver with position and performance.The equipment that is located in the cabin is the last word of technology.The new MMI system allows much more to the passengers.In the use should be air conditioning, navigation, modern methods of connection and communication, as well as an audio system with 14 speakers.

2015 Audi S4 - interior


What is the engine in the 2015 Audi S4?

Under the hood of the S4 will be available 3.0L V6 engine with 333 horsepower and a torque of 325 lb/ft.This engine is equipped with a direct injection system.Driving is a very dynamic and sport differentials allow further improvement.This model has all-wheel drive and very good management.

2015 Audi S4 - engine

What is the release date and price of the 2015 Audi S4?

Sales will begin in the next year.With basic equipment starting price could be around 66.000$.

2015 Audi S4 - price

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