2015 Audi S1 review and price

2015 Audi S1 - front

2015 Audi S1 ​​is a completely new vehicle that does not have its predecessor. It is a small compact car.It will be a real pleasure to drive it around town.

What is the release date of the 2015 Audi S1?

This little Audi will primarily be available to drivers in Germany.Which is logical because there encouraged. After that we’ll go out and conquer the rest of Europe and then the world.It appeared in the Motor Show in Geneva and won many hearts.

2015 Audi S1 - release date

What is the design of the 2015 Audi S1?

Audi S1 ​​is a great sports car with five doors and excellent performance.The external appearance is very stylish with excellent characteristics. Front and rear bumpers are quite massive and wide. The cooler is placed slightly behind a large modern masks. The mask has a distinctive design of the company Audi. Filled with horizontally chrome fins and a logo in the middle. Headlights are the latest fashions. Quadrangular in shape, but tapering towards the middle of the car. They seem quite aggressive. Equipped with LED daylight and xenon lights. In the lower part are the large air vents covered with mesh part. The line of car is excellent with good aerodynamics. S1 will be equipped with adjustable shock absorbers and an excellent response to the steering wheel. Classic fuel tank will be replaced with upside down saddle tank. The rear part is very dynamic and with powerful look.The lights are also similar to the front with a rectangular shape. In itself also have LED bulbs.Glass in the rear doors and rear window are tinted.Built-in high performance roof spoiler. The car runs on an attractive five-spoke alloy wheels with 18 inch.

2015 Audi S1 - design

What is the interior of the Audi S1?

The interior of the Audi S1 ​​is a big part of sports with a dominant black color. The seats are very comfortable and upholstered in leather.Three-spoke sports steering wheel is with a lot of buttons on it. At the door sills are finely designed tiles on which is engraved sign S1. The center console is quite compact and it seems that everything has a reason why is there. In front of the driver are analog clocks for the torque and speed measurement. They have good visibility and size. The engine is started on the button so that the presence of a key is not needed. Air vents have circular shape and attractive design. The selector lever is chrome plated and next to it there is a barrier for small items. The pedals are made of stainless steel as befits a sports model. All instruments are covered by the specific gray glass. Since the equipment can be expected a lot of the necessary and required nowadays.In the cabin is nserted the hard disk with the MMI navigation system, Google Earth and Street View service. Everything is connected to the internet which is accessible to passengers in the form of Wi-FiIt is possible to send mail or surf the web.The cabin is equipped with a Bose sound system that provides a phenomenal experience. If you need a telephone interview this car allows you to.

2015 Audi S1 - interior

What is the engine in the 2015 audi S1?

Audi S1 is equipped with Quattro drive technology. Under the hood will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine TSFI.It will be able to produce power from the 231hp and torque of 370lb/ft. In just 5.8 seconds, reaches from 0 to 60mph.The maximum speed that can develop is 155mph. The engine is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission with short response time of transfer. With all the above details should be mentioned that the fuel consumption is in very reasonable limits which makes it a great economical car.

2015 Audi S1 - engine

What is the price of the 2015 Audi S1?

The price of the 2015 Audi S1 will certainly depend on the level of equipment. Currently it is unknown the exact price but it is supposed to cost about 41,500$.

2015 Audi S1 - price

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