2015 Audi A6 release date and price

2015 Audi A6 - front


2015 Audi A6 is one of the most popular model that comes from the German company Audi.It is a luxury mid-sized sedan.Produced since 1994 year.

What is the release date for the 2015 Audi A6?

It is possible that this car will be in sale by the end of this year.If this does not happen with the new 2015 comes a new Audi A6.Featured in the American automobile exhibitions in New York and Chicago.

2015 Audi A6 - release date

What is the design of the 2015 Audi A6?

2015 Audi A6 is a car that has a fascinating line and a lot of style.Luxury exudes from all sides as a stylish design that belongs to today.Despite this emphasis is sporty aggressiveness.On the front page looks like it is grim and serious.It is shown determination and security.Excellent aerodynamics is inevitable with such a line that stretches the entire length of the vehicle.The car is 193.9 inches long and comes with the external appearance of 13 different colors.Large front grille is slightly redesigned but it is still quite dynamic and sends a message of determination.Headlights are very quality and have a dynamic form.They are equipped with LED daytime running lights, which have great visibility but do not interfere with other vehicles.They are placed in the circular form or strip.The rear lights are also LED with high quality and strength.Spend less energy than regular lights, they last longer and are activates ten times faster.Mirrors and door locks are in body color.Windows are framed by chrome slats as an additional sign of luxury.On the roof can be transparent electric sunroof.On the back side is built in one chrome exhaust pipe on either side.With the Audi A6 driver can choose between several differently designed alloy wheels.The sizes are in the range of 18 to 20 inches.

2015 Audi A6 - design

What is the interior of the 2015 Audi A6?

When you look at the interior of the Audi A6 immediate first thought of luxury and great comfort.The place has five passengers and enjoyment of fine materials and high-quality equipment.Comfortable seats upholstered in leather are equipped with heaters and can be electronically adjusted in several ways.The room is decorated with additional details in aluminum and wood.Very refined steering wheel provides smooth ride and control certain functions via the built-in buttons.The rear of the cabin is equipped with an additional button controls for climate and audio systems.Engineers have come up with a very intelligent individual compartments for additional notions.Do not get into eyes, do not take too much space but they are very functional.Luggage stretched has a capacity of 530 liters which is enough to take everything with you.The equipment is that is installed in the Audi A6 is maximally adapted to the needs of drivers.Control panel in front of the driver is digital with a pleasant light.In the central upper part is set the display of 6.5 inches.It is a great resolution and can be closed.Via the MMI system can manage all functions using just one finger.For high sound quality will ensure the Bang & Olufsen company.The display is connected to the player that plays almost all records, satellite radio, telephone, internet connection, USB port bluetooth etc.The navigation system can be controlled by voice.It’s really fascinating what gives this sedan.

2015 Audi A6 - interior

What is the engine in the 2015 Audi A6?

High-quality motor is just what you will find under the hood of every Audi A6.Regarding to diesel engines in the use will be 3.0 liter TDI V6 engine, with 24 valves.Contains a totally new mechanical filling with air cooling and all that is converted into energy.It is matched with 8 speed automatic transmission and the drive is set to all four wheels.It has an output of 240HP and torque of 428lb/ft.Should not exceed 24 miles in city driving and 38 miles on the highway with one gallon of diesel.Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph achieves in 6.1 seconds.Also wsa announced the Audi A6 hybrid.There are even rumors that it was reached speed of 60mph which is not yet achieved with this type of car.If something like this becomes a reality, then this model will certainly interest many drivers.

2015 Audi A6 - engine

What is the price for the 2015 Audi A6?

The exact price for the Audi A6 has not yet been posted.Therefore, many assume that the basic model will cost around 44.000$.

2015 Audi A6 - price

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